How to Get the Bitmoji Keyboard on Android

Such wikiHow teaches you the right way to enable and use one particular Bitmoji Keyboard on your personal Android phone. Once enabled, you can switch into the Bitmoji keyboard to drop me Bitmoji images, or in the event you use Gboard – often the Google Keyboard, you can certainly access Bitmoji directly around the keyboard. Doing so will allow to send and enter Bitmoji-type emoji in wordpress such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

Download and set it Bitmoji if necessary. A person don’t haven’t yet downloaded its Bitmoji app and organized a profile, you’ll should try to do so before should use Bitmoji on your own Android. You can see Bitmoji from the Bing Play Store for entirely. If you have a Bitmoji benutzerkonto through Snapchat, be specific log into your Bitmoji account using your Snapchat credentials.

Tap the Configurations app icon, what type of resembles either your gear on per colored background or else a set of slider mobile phones on a yellow background. You likewise open Settings due to swiping down out of the top of automobile . and then eft the gear-shaped famous in the causing drop-down menu.

Scroll down and also tap Language furthermore input. You’ll unearth this option in between of the Parameters page. On a fabulous Samsung Galaxy, accumulates first tap Rough management before may refine select the Verbiage and input approach.

Tap Current keys. This is in the “Keyboard & input methods” section of your page. A pop-up window will research. On a Samsung Galaxy, incredibly first tap Virtual input keys here, then faucet Manage keyboards.Tap Try KEYBOARDS. It’s in the bottom of usually the pop-up window. On the Samsung Galaxy, city water ADD KEYBOARDS pretty.

Enable the “Bitmoji Keyboard” option. game keyboard will vary based upon your Android’s manufacturer, but you’ll ordinarily tap a checkbox or a white/grey switch to the appropriate of the “Bitmoji Keyboard” heading to do. If the packaging is checked as well as switch is brown or blue, generally Bitmoji Keyboard is enabled for you are phone.

Open a Bitmoji-supported app. Common wordpress that support Bitmoji include Facebook, Myspace Messenger, Google Hangouts, Google Allo, Android operating system Messages, WhatsApp, but Twitter.Tap a words field. Find a very text field within your app, then touch it. In the most messaging apps, this particular text field become at the ground of an interaction page. Make positive you aren’t leveraging a search tag.